[Selling] Many valuable items!

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  1. All sold! Thanks guys! :)
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  2. I will take it. On smp9 now.
  3. Erm no your not :p
  4. Yes I am, on your first res, was about to send you a message, then ya logged.:p
  5. Woops but anyways enjoy :)
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  6. The head has been bought :) still many rare items with prices that can be discussed via pm. ;)
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  7. Bump. These are very good prices for how rare some of these items are.
  8. dang missed the head, sold 5 minutes into it!
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  9. I'll take yo beacon if it's still available
  10. Ok well i have an offer via pm for 9.5k... ill give it to you for 10k.
  11. Gotta be quick! ;)
  12. seriously
  13. Wow no one wants the promo items??
  14. check you conversations
  15. Nah it's all good if the other guy got there first
  16. He just backed. i will do 9.5k
  17. Shore thang, I'll pay tomorrow morning if that ok, can't get on tonight
  18. Yeah same here. Once thet payment has been made i will setup an access chest at 18795 :)
  19. Ok your beacon is ready for pickup at 18795. :) enjoy!