[Selling] Many Promo Items!

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  1. can a mod please close this thread? :p
  2. Labor bench and orebuster 15k
  3. 10,000 rupees for the axe?
  4. Yes deal. :) pay and I will setup an access chest for you at 18795
  5. No sorry i want 25k for the orebuster at least, there are very few left
  6. Payed.
  7. Ok chest is setup :)
  8. 9k
  9. That is too low for both... how about 15k for both
  10. 13k for both?
  11. Good luck getting above 20k for an Ore Buster.
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  12. More like above 15 :p
  13. 3k for the bench?
  14. Already sold it :p
  15. 4k and its a deal. i have seen auctions go for 7k
  16. i sold it :p
  17. well i have 2 people offering on the bench... i will sell you the turfinator for 13k
  18. No way, I think I will hold to 13k for both and if not I'm not interested sorry.
  19. Sorry im sticking with my price
  20. How much would you want for the helmet?