(Selling) Lots of TNT

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  1. I am selling a lot of TNT. I have around 12 stacks and I think a good price is 60r a piece but I can negotiate. Discounts if you by it all!
  2. PM me with your offers!
  3. Nobody? 55r a piece is a good price
  4. Sorry to not buy or anything,

    The reason you are not getting anybody is that TNT can only be used by diamond supporters and even then the stuff has very limited use

    Turn the sand to glass and use the gunpowder set for fireworks or splash potions and sell those

    More people may buy

    By the way I really like you avatar, wish that show was still on

    Look at this thread 35k from just gunpowder

  5. I see. Maybe lowering the price to 40r a piece?
  6. That may work,

    You'll just have to wait and see

    Oh see if any mega malls buy TNT

    I just saw a thread with a list of mega malls that buy products at good prices

    Can't remember the thread though
  7. I PMed you an offer. But i'll post here also. :)

    Correct, TNT can only be placed by Diamond supporter. But there is a big demand for it, lots of people need to clear large spaces and will pay for it.

    However, gunpowder can be bought for 3r each, and sand is well... cheap. a fair price for TNT would be 20r each.

    Which is what i have offered. :)