[SELLING] Lots of Starter Sets

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  1. 22 Starter sets

    22 Unused starter helmets

    22 Unused starter chestplates

    22 Unused starter leggings

    22 Unused starter boots

    22 Unused starter swords

    22 Unused starter pickaxes

    Selling for 1.5k a peice :). Post in the comments to claim one. After you claim one, it is FINAL. Make sure there are more if you are claiming one. (Look through the comments and count :p)
    Pick-up on smp3. I will message you with the details. I'm on every other day :)

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  2. How does one get 22 starter kits? lol
  3. collecting and spending money :)
  4. ill take 2 tomarrow after noon
  5. I'll take... 10 sets
  6. Is it 1.5k per set or per piece of the set?
  7. Per set :)
  8. Can you drop one to me on SMP4 now, I'll be waiting at my res, if you can, thank you.
  9. Nine sets left! :D
  10. Yes I can :D
  11. id like 1 set please
  12. I'll have 2 sets please. I'll pay later. :)
  13. Alrighty i went ahead and paid.