[SELLING] Lots of slimeballs

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  1. I have a few stacks of slimeballs laying around thet I don't really need. So if anyone needs some slimeballs, Please tell me. Orders can bo between 1 slimeball and 3 stacks. Any orders above that require a custon order fee of 5r a slimeball. They sell for 35r apice. I might not be able to suply some excessive orders because I need to get some more slimeballs. Soooo... any orders?

    They can be picked up at res # 1254 on smp1. Anywhere else requires a 25r fee. (20r for vault, 5r for transportation.)
  2. So how much is a stack?
  3. 35x64=2240r
  4. Damn I have tonnes of xp farms but no slime farm! How can I make 1 can anybody help me?
  5. PM me we could share one...
  6. O_O sounds excellent.
  7. Hang on PM is 'start a conversation' isn't it?