Selling lots of promos!

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  1. Promos:
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Pot of Gold
    Pi Pie SOLD

    Love Potion No.9
    Cupid Bundle
    New year Empire Firework (2014)
    Cooked Turkey
    Feast for a King
    Holiday Candle
    Iron Supporter Voucher SOLD
    Marlix Chestplate SOLD
    Marlix Leggings SOLD
    Labor Bench (2014)

    Offer me prices! :p
    Some promos may already be sold through PM or In-game, but i will update you if one is sold
  2. how much for the iron supporter voucher
  3. Offer Please :)
  4. Have the Marlix legs ever been used? If no, I'd like to offer 48K.
  5. Sorry, Them 2 have been sold.
  6. How much for the pot of gold?
  7. Offer please :)