[Selling] LOTS OF PROMOS /v 2222

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  1. Hello everyone, today I felt that I wanted to make some money, and start fresh.

    Since I have been on EMC for over 900 days I feel like selling everything, and starting fresh. I have collected A LOT OF PROMOS though out my 900 days, from super old to new. Please come by on Smp1 res 2222 - Follow directions on the signs, and happy selling!!!
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  2. I'll check it out when I get the chance.
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  3. thanks for the stuff you sold me
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  4. Thanks for the Treasure Voucher, my searching is now over ;)
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  5. Thank you for 1 2013 labour bench, tracking down 1 haunted Halloween head, and one magical eggfying wand, 2 2013 4th of July fireworks.;) You were a great help for my museum and your head will definitely be put on a diamond block inside my museum with a list of everything you sold to me.:D
  6. 2 Vault vouchers added to the shop! Come stop by, and let's make a deal :D
  7. Have a res voucher?
  8. Promos only...
  9. He has vouchers. I don't know about res vouchers though.
  10. Vouchers are promos >.>
  11. Then why say

  12. Res vouchers are no since you must pay for them to obtain them...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.