[SELLING] Lots Of Promos For Cheap!!

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  1. Visit 3046 And Comment Your Offers on this thread for a promo!
  2. and on which server would that be?
  3. smp2
  4. I suppose I'd like one of the Marlix Helmets! I'm really poor atm so could you perhaps save me one for a bit or PM me? Thanks!
  5. How much for the ore buster?
  6. That's the not for sale chest XD
  7. Ore buster is slightly used so 175k.
  8. Marlix Helmet is 85k, Sorry cannot hold at this time
  9. Oops. Thought this was my post... Sorry... XD
  10. What woukld you want for a pot of gold and the headless horsemans mask?
  11. 15k each potofgold
  12. Ok. I'll take 1 pot of gold for 15k.
    How about the headless horseman mask?
  13. Mask is 28k per.