[SELLING] Lots of Horse Items! [SELLING]

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  1. I'm selling the following:

    108 Saddles - 200r each
    3 Gold Horse Armor - 800r each
    7 Diamond Horse Armor - 3.5k each

    Visit /v 1148 on SMP1 to buy something, it's all stocked there in chest shops :)
  2. Lowered prices!
  3. Did I mentioned I slashed the prices even more? Well I did.
  4. What is the "new" price for the gold armor? Or is the current price for it what you have listed right now?
  5. Well like a month ago it was easily 2k, I have no clue what it is right now but I thought 1.5k was fair. Nobody's buying so I just kept lowering lol
  6. Lowered prices + made it into chest shops at 1148 so you don't have to PM me when you want something now just buy it from the sign :)
  7. Will buy a set on Friday then, my horsey needs armor. :p
  8. Sure, the epic prices stay until it's all sold :p
  9. Bump only a few diamond left ;)
  10. Bump! Sold out of horse armor but there's still 98 saddles to be sold at /v 1148 on SMP1 :)
  11. Bump! Still got lots of really cheap saddles in stock at /v 1148 :)
  12. Not that it's any of my business, but most people are interested in horse armor, almost every shop sells saddles.
  13. for 200r..?
  14. Around that price, yeah. There's just not much appeal for it compared to horse armor.
  15. I had lots of cheap horse armor there too, it all got sold.
  16. Well if you want to get some more business, I say you restock it, not many people sell horse armor at that price. Just a tip.
  17. I can't stock it, I bought them in an auction + I almost never go mining. Also they do not bring global business, in the time that I had horse armor up for sale, only they were getting sold and I never sold a single saddle. After they were sold out I've sold over a DC of saddles.