[selling] lots of cool stuff :D

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  1. Hello! It's me once again . Today I am going to make a list of promos and rare EMC items which u can buy in this thread either message me or post in this thread if u want to buy one so here's the list of all the items Im selling a few will have fixed prices some won't:
    1 Dancer egg unused
    1 EMC New Years 2014 celebration firework
    2 beacons - gone
    1 emergency snow clearing device
    1 feast for a king
    2 vault vouchers - gone
    1 stable voucher
    3 rememberance Poppy's left one sold
    A stack and 20 cooked turkeys
    2 headless horseman mask 20k each
    1 holiday candle
    6 dragon stone frags 3 k each
    1 dragon stone
    33 diamonds. - gone
    1 golden apple
    3 getting started books
    1 set of starter armour little bit worn
    1 inderedance day firework
    2 leg warmers (from mob arena)
    6 empire assist
    2 empire - next steps
    1 iron horse armour
    30 soul bound torches - gone
    Single chest of players heads ( private message me on this). - gone
    That's all I got in one big list thanks!
  2. I'll buy both the leg warmers how much?
  3. What are leg warmers?...
  4. Can u make a offer?
  5. They are very good leggings !
  6. Well what are the enchants
  7. I just seen them its just a renamed diamond leggings with Protection IV as far as i can remember thats what the enchant is...
  8. Sorry I gtg I will answer as soon as I get back on
  9. How much are your diamonds and beacons?
  10. What are you looking to get for the vault vouchers?

    1k for soulbound torches?

    5k for 1 rememberence poppy?
  11. Sorry. I was edit
    ingtext and the dia and beacons have been sold so sorry
  12. I'll sell the torches to u for 1k but the Poppy's are to low. Deal?
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  13. Not all poppies just need 1. What's a fair price? They were released before I join.

    And yes I'll take the torches.
  14. I will sell the poppy at 13k
    Edit - and I will set up a collect chest at smp4 9123 as soon as u have paid 1k
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  15. Paid the 1k. I will take the poppy as well. Sending payment now.
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  16. Ok are u ainsleybear ?
    Who shal I set the chest up for
  17. I've PMd you lol Was on my daughters account checking something for her and paid you.
  18. I have only been paid the 1k?
  19. Ya. I will send the rest from my account

    Edit: sent