[ Selling ] Lots o' Promos For Sale!

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  1. Hey EMC! Today I will be selling all of my promo collection!
    Promos For Sale:
    1x Headless Horseman Axe: 38,000r
    3x Spooky Eggs: 18,000r Each
    3x 2015 Headless Horseman Mask: 20,000r Each
    1x Stable Voucher: 9,000r
    3x Turkey Slicer: 40,000r Each (2014-2015)
    2x Feast For A King: 20,000r Each
    30x Dragon Stones: 7,500r Each
    1x Starter Pick: 2,000r
    46x Cooked Turkey: 600r Each
    1x Remembrance Poppy (2015): 15,000r
    7x Dragon Stone Fragments: 2,000r Each
    64x Ender Pearl Haunted Candy: 25r Each
    45x Bone Haunted Candy: 25r Each
    37x Rotten Flesh Haunted Candy: 25r Each
    53x Gunpowder Haunted Candy: 25r Each
    55x Spider Eye Haunted Candy: 25r Each

    All Promos Are Unused Unless Stated.
    Preview Chest At 17599 On SMP8!

    Please Post Below If You Are Interested In Anything On The List

  2. what year of slicer? ill buy depending on year. if this years ill buy all 3
  3. Ill buy all 64 haunted enderpearls please
    Paid:1650 Mail please.
  4. All 2014-2015 Sorry
  5. Ill also buy 55 haunted spider eye, 53 haunted gunpowder, 45 haunted bones, 37 haunted flesh
    Paid:5,000 mail please
  6. x3 Haunted heads 2015
    Paid:60,150r Mail please
  7. Bump! Still several items left for sale!