[Selling] Lot of Promos

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  1. I am selling some promos that I don't really have any use to me. Check the list out (I know its a small list, but considering where I am for a 62-day, I believe I am doing pretty good). Here is the list:

    1x (spawned) Valens
    1x (Brad New) Cupid's Bow 17.5k
    2x 2014 IDAY Firework 20k each
    1x 2013 IDAY Firework: 20k

    If you are interested in purchasing any of the items, you are allowed to look at them at my Residence on SMP7. They are on a wall to the left.
  2. The Valen's Egg is 22.5k or make me a offer. Please no lowballers. Thanks
  3. I'll take the valens and the bow
  4. I'll happily take the Valens for 20k if it's still available.
  5. Money has been paid (40k)
  6. Sorry I already paid (22.5k for the valens btw :p)
  7. Ill take the 2013 IDAY promo for 20k!!!
  8. Ok. Ill mail you the items huckleberry24.
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  9. Ill mail you the item or you can come pick up the item when you pay for it.
    Please make sure im online when you pay me. Thnx
  10. Did you get them Huckleberry24?
  11. Sure did! Thanks :)
  12. Not trying to be a party pooper, but shouldn't this be held in another forum? Such as "Products, Buisnesses and Servicers"?
  13. No
  14. it got moved, so it clearly should have.
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