[SELLING] Looting III Books

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  1. Im in wild on smp3, but i would like 2 books. please deliver iff possible i will pay for delivery.
  2. Delivery is free :) Where shall i deliver the books to?
  3. Only 16 books left!
  4. Could you deliver them to me on Utopia? :D
  5. Res number? And please pay me if you really intend to buy. Make your order clear and concise.

    On the side note, 5 books left.
  6. I will pay 2800 if you could please reserve one for me.
  7. It's first come first served. If you were to pay 2.4k using the /r pay, then i would keep one for you :)
  8. Lol the 2 people that posted in this thread didnt even buy a book :/

    Bump 4 books left
  9. I haven't been on in a while I will see of I can get one
  10. 2 books left.
  11. For me, pretty please!
  12. They are on smp3, 7259. If you buy 2 i will refund you 400r using the /r pay
  13. Oops, I accidentally bought three! If you need that for someone else, let me know and I'll return it. :D
  14. I dont need it, and in fact if you only need 2, i can refund you for the third book :) Also, i have refunded you 400r for the first 2 book purchase, as it is 4400 for 2 books :)

    Restocked, and i only 2 books left.
  15. I'm sure I can find a use for it :)
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  16. Everything sold :)