[Selling] Looting 3 Books!

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  1. (Sorry no colors, posted on iPod)

    Looting 3 books for sale!!

    Price??? Only 1.5K!!!!

    If you buy multiple books at a time,
    if you buy 2 books it costs: 2.75K
    If you buy 3 books it costs: 3.75K

    Notice: I might not be in stock sometimes because I wil be preparing for an auction.
  2. NEW BOOK: Silk Touch 1 and Fortune 2!!

    Silk: 800r
    Fortune: 800r
  3. i buy 3 loot 3
  4. when and where do i pay/pick up
  5. Smp5
  6. Ill take 2 minner ;)
  7. Ill set it up on my res right now
  8. Ill pay now, and pickup once i deliver something to heyaroo later.
  9. Ok set up and paid :D