[Selling]Looting 3 Books and also Effecency 5 Books

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  1. Hello possible buyers would you love you to have a Looting 3 or Effecency 5? Well if so then your on the right thread. Im selling Looting 3 and Effecency 5 Books. Looting 3 = 1800 and Effecency 5 = 2200. But remember u can always try to convince me to sell one for less but i dont know if i will bite on it lol.Hope you buy 1 of these. Contact H3021301 on Smp4 if im not on try another time.Thanks.I have plenty in stock.
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  2. i'd like to buy your
    Looting 3 = 1800

    I'll pay u once i can log on to empire at 4.00pm (GMT) on Smp4
  3. Sounds like a deal and what time would that be USA Eastern time?
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  4. erm anything from +6 to +12!
  5. I'll come on at 4.30pm (GMT) SMP4 and buy it off u
  6. Alright Sorry umm i can get u it sometime
  7. lol yes u can either today at 1.00pm till 3.00pm or after 3.30pm next week (GMT)
  8. I'll buy one Efficiency 5 book. PM me
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  9. Come to Smp4 9427 to get 1