Selling Logs (All types)

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  1. Hi guys, I'm starting my new (but humble) store at SMP8 at the res:16803. I am currently selling them in sets of 8 and price range of 8-12 per 8 blocks.

    I also other things such as sapling (all but jungle) and will sell mobs in the future.
    Please drop by and take a look!
  2. Would you be interested in supplying logs to my store?
  3. Tomorrow and yes what price are you asking?
  4. I have a system at 4005 SMP2. How it works is like this: you sell 1 large chest of stuff in the suppliers shop only, then I give you access to the Loyals suppliers room, where I pay more rupees :)
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  5. Sounds like a plan. It will take me a while to fill a whole double chest as I have other customers but I will supply :).
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  6. Lol, or, take ur logs to shop 3456 on smp2 where i buy from Everyone for 79r PER stack. I need it badley and have four double chests to fill + 4 doubles of planks.

    Sorry alex <3
  7. For a third option, you can sell them to me at 16015. If you become my supplier, I will give you access to my supplier room where you can sell logs for 80 rupees per stack. By selling to me, you will not have to use the vault and pay vault fees.

    Sorry Alex and Leo.
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  8. they're screwed ;)
  9. Yeah you got a very good point there
  10. There is always the option to sell to the best shops (given by the EMC community on the delta team shop contest) You can always go to 14141 on SMP7 (Best on rankings) or to /v oleyy on SMP5 or to the newest shop on SMP9 its 19333 its not fully open yet but you can already sell wood.

    Link to the contest if you missed it :
  11. Thanks guys, well looks like I ll be constantly selling wood then!
  12. Here is an overview of all of the offers:
    AlexChance: 50 rupees per stack until you fill up 1 large chest then 65 rupees per stack (if I read that correctly) - vault fee
    Leowaste: 79 rupees per stack - vault fee
    Dreamytje: 56-64 rupees per stack - vault fee
    Oleyy: 72 rupees per stack - vault fee
    Mtp1997- 80 rupees per stack - NO vault fee

    I will let you pick which shop to sell to. I have already given you (TerryDaTerrorist) access to my supplier room on SMP8. Just go to 16015 walk to the back entrance look on the right.
  13. dang looks like I need to start chopping trees :p its good monaaayyy :)
  14. Awesome thanks mtp1997. I have a tree farm (all types) that take up 3/4 of my res. Soon I shall be soon digging a hold underground so I can FIT more trees!
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