[Selling] Loads of turkey slicers cheap!

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  1. Hello EMC! So today I come to you with the deal of all deals! I am selling turkey slicers for 11k! pm me to buy them for 11k! get them while you can and I do not mind reselling :)

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  2. Should i lower the prices?
  3. What are turkey slicers?
  4. Yes the thanksgiving promo item :)
  5. Bump :) price lowered to 11k! :D
  6. What are the enchants on it

    Considering buying one

    Are they unused
  7. It's a god sword without looting III but the knockback is III instead of II and the name of the sword is orange color. 11 of these were mine which were unused, so unless he derped I'm assuming they are all unused.
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  8. No move flag?
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  9. Sorry :p to buy them now just send me a pm of how many u would like to buy :)