[Selling] Loads of stuff

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Marine4121, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Im selling Stuff that to me are space wasters.
    61 Skeleton skulls - 200r EACH
    25 Redstone lamps - Offer
    9 Stacks acacia logs - 1k For the lot!
    9 Stacks spruce planks - 500r For the lot!
    9 Stacks sugarcane - 20r for the lot!
    2 Stacks Rails - Offer
    32 Redstone blocks - 300r
    5 Stacks lapis - Offer
    2 Stacks Redstone dust - 64r (includes the extra one dust)
    3 Stacks peonies - 20r per stack

    Or buy it all :D

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  2. Ill take the acacia logs.
  3. Ill take all the redstone :)
  4. Ok Canuck, your res number and ill drop off after you paid.
    SuperVal, all redstone or just the blocks/dust?
  5. All of it :D
  6. Res 2345 SMP1, access is up, payment is made