[SELLING] Limited Item: Special Edition Halloween Head

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  1. Quantity: 10 (Sold 8/10)
    Price per Head: 10,000 Rupees

    There will only ever be 10 of these heads created, the players name is "Halloween_Head" and will not be changing the skin or name so you don't have too worry about the head changing at all.

    Reply below too purchase.
  2. Meh, might as well buy 2 :D
  3. Meet me on SMP8 at my residence after you pay.
  4. As much as I hate spending rupees... I'll take one.
  5. Will mail once paid.
  6. Ill buy one.
    Please mail it to me.
  7. Mailed.
  8. Ill pay when I hop on.
  9. I'll take one hold it for me I will pay once I get on later tonight
  10. Will buy one
  11. May I get one? I'll pay when I get on.
  12. oh I'll buy one... why not.
  13. Will mail once paid.
  14. Ill take one chaoticfate will pay mail it to that account
  15. Mailed.
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  16. May I get one?
  17. I'll take the last two :)
  18. Not showing in my rupee history.