[Selling] LeoV's promo selling thread.

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  1. Hello all,
    I will be selling the promos listed below. If you would like to purchase, please comment, or PM me of you would like to go any lower.
    Magical eggcellent wand (x6) 13,500r Each

    Labor bench 2015 (x2) 10,000r Each
    Hoiday candle (x2) Price: 12,000r Each SOLD
    Lucky bow (x1) Price: 36,500r Each SOLD
    Cupid bundle (x1) Price:49,000r Each SOLD
    Cupid bow (x1) Price: 14,500r Each
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  2. I would take LuckyBow please
  3. Mailed.
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  4. 3 Items sold! Added: Cupid bow, magical eggcellent wands.
  5. Bump! Added 2 labor benches!