[Selling] Legendary Blaze Package!

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  1. The Pack Is:
    One 100% Built And Working Dual Blaze - Not Etho's design, special SMP design that makes it MAX Efficient. - 80k
    Two 0% Built Dual Blaze Grinder - 20,000 Each
    All Grinders Are Located On Utopia, With A Tunnel System Connecting All Of Them
    After I Receive The Payment, I Will PM You The Coordinates.

    I am asking for 110k for this great Blaze package. It should be 120k :p But I will have it for 110k. :)Remember, ALL ON UTOPIA!

    Anyone?? :D
  2. You should ask a mod to throw this in the supporter discussion thread.
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  3. only got 17k, could i buy a timeshare?
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  4. I put it in products on porpose beacuse maybe an iron suppoter or below is upgrading soon and they can but it.
  5. You could team up with some one.
  6. hmm 110K is alot of money for products that are not rare or in great demand
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  7. An already built dual blaze grinder plus others isnt rare? Please tell me where you have commonly seen this before.
  8. Have you seen how much these things are worth? A single blaze is worth 50k, dual 80k, another dual spawner is easily worth 40k, and all in one connected location. Sorry for off topicness- I won't be buying :( as i'm waaayyy to poor, and have another grinder.
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  9. the grinders are rare but blaze rods and blaze powder not if i bought it it would take fore ever before i made my money back ( btw i have enough money i have 666,000 rupees)
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  11. since when u need blaze for enchantments

    prot 4????
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  12. You don't need a blaze grinder, but it's a lot easier to get higher levels with them. :)
  13. Blazes are a great source of xp as they give 2x the amount as other hostile mobs.

    For example, it takes me 30 min to get to level 30 on my single zombie grinder, but it takes less than 15 with blaze spawner

    Prot 4 refers to "protection IV", which is regarded as the best armor in minecraft.
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  14. oh that way thanks, soo someone selling there spawner :p
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  15. If it was in Supporter Forums, an Iron supporter could still see it I think.
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  16. I could buy it but I already are in the wild on utopia so tell me if you got one on another server?
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  17. I would buy this for 110k in a heartbeat if I could actually go there.
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  18. But this is why, so pleople have an option.
  19. This is a great deal!
  20. *cough* BigDavies Grinder (Utopia) *cough*
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