[ Selling ] Left Over Promos

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  1. Title Says it all. I am selling any left over promos I have. For Sale:
    2 Blizz Ard Arms: 60,000r Each
    3 Blizz Ard Noses': 125,000r Each
    1 Trick Or Treat Bundle: 59,000r
    1 Momentus Toothpick: 40,000r
    1 Feast For A King Paper: 13,000r
    3 New Avalaunchers: 42,000r Each
    2 Chicken Skewers: 20,000r Each
    5 Sharpshooters: 20,000r Each
    2 Shear Madness: 20,000r Each

    Post down below if you are interested in buying anything on this list

  2. I don't have enough rupees :(
  3. Sending you a pm
  4. Sending PM.
  5. No taking any more posts atm. Need to figure out current purchases.
  6. All 100k Stuff and Momentus Toothpick has been sold. :)
  7. would buy the trick or treat bundle :)
  8. Will mail when payment is received. :)