[SELLING] Leather and Bones

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  1. Leather: 14 Stacks and 30
    Bones: 7 DCs Double Chests)

    Post your offers down below.
  2. How much for DC of chests?
  3. Sorry, I am not selling chests, only leather and bones, quantities listed above.
  4. sorry my bad
  5. I'd like 1 of Leather.. or two..

    OR ALL! If the price is right xD
  6. 8r each?
  7. bump, i will not stop this!
  8. What are the bones selling for ? And how much leather do you have left ?
  9. i still have all the leather and i am looking for around 4-5k per dc of bones.
  10. How much for 5 stacks of leather? Or I guess per stack?
  11. 448-640r is what I am trying to get for it.
  12. Can I buy 5 stacks at 500r each? So 2.5k for 5 stacks.
  13. sure pay now and i can meet you on smp2?
  14. Leather still up for grab?