Selling Lava Bucket DC's

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  1. I need to raise money to help get enchantment books for my tools/swords to collect resources for my giveaway so I'm selling lava buckets!

    Double Chest= 1000r
    20r per Lava Bucket
    message me here or on in game if interested.
    I'm located on SMP7
  2. How much dc's you got? I could trade it for enchants if you want.
  3. Right now I hae 7 DC full
  4. I would like to buy them or preaphs trade them with enchants of same value.
  5. what enchantments do you have?
  6. I got unbreaking power and protection all maxed I could trade
  7. I need unbreaking III how many you got?
  8. I could give you 4 for all of the dc's if your interrested
  9. ok! I put signs above 7 of the chests in the back of my res for you to come get them. I have a donation chest in the front of my res that you can put the books in.
  10. sounds good thx!
  11. the 4 books have been sucked out by the hoppers was good doing business with you
  12. Thank you!....Still have several DCs filled if anyone else needs them I'm looking for Efficiency V, Silk Touch I, Fortune III, and xp bottles would be nice
  13. I'd like a couple Dc's. Can I pay rupees?
  14. Yes, I would some DCs aswell, I can do rupees
  15. Just donated 4 silky books at your res. Enjoy. ;)
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  16. marshmallow369 and huckleberry24 yes just pay 1000r per DC you want and I'll set up a sign on a chest in the back of my res for you

    and thanks FWRonald!!
  17. How many DCs you got left
  18. hey sorry i was afk when you messaged me but i have 8 full chest right now
  19. I'll take 5, money has been paid, I will pick up in a few hours
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  20. I put signs up for you thank you so much!