[SELLING] Last of the ContributionTeam Heads

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  1. Currently there are only two other CT heads in existence, one belonging to DubChef and the other is owned by SEPTHEKID.

    Quantity: 2
    Price: 5,000 R

    Since my name has changed there will not be anymore of these.
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  2. Head 1/3 sold to Dufne, 2 left.
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  3. I'll take 2 please reserve. I'm going to come on rn
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  4. I will take one, for 6K ;)
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  5. I'll buy I'm just about to hope online again after a stupid PC update :rolleyes:
  6. I would love 1
  7. Sadly, I believe the name on the head will eventually update to Erektus.
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  8. It will if placed in the vault
  9. I've had heads update that haven't been placed in the vault.
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  10. Sold out.
  11. Why do people buy these weird heads. It's so pointless.
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  12. You're so mature.