Selling large quantities of following items

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  1. rather not auction them so going to sell for 300k each pm me if interested and will send on over to you. once they are gone.....well then ill be out so buy them at this price while u can!

    edit: going to just add items here instead of make another thread

    magical eggcellent wands
    shiny arrows
    shiny flesh
    lots of haunted candy soon once collected all together

    prices are not set and i dont know what to sell at so just pm me with what you are interested in and let me know your price
  2. I'll take one please :)
  3. I'll bite the bullet and take one please :)
  4. sold! ill update if i somehow find more in all my non organization
  5. Bummer, just missed it. If either of these guys decide to save their rupees then I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands :)
  6. update with new items