[ SELLING ] Large and Small Amounts of Enchanted Books

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  1. I can get any Enchanted book you desire! I need to make some money to create my mega mall on smp5 (res #11155) so I decided to sell something that I find easy to get.

    If you want a double chest, single chest or even a single enchanted book I will try my best to get it for you :)

    Please send me a PM if you need anything. We can then talk prices, for I am reasonable. ;)

    If I do not have in stock, I can take an order
  2. A DC of Unb III
    A DC of Eff V

    Can you do it?
  3. UnbreakingIII is going to take me awhile since I have no unbreaking villagers. But effV I can but it's gonna take a bit also since it's effV

    But It can be done :)
  4. Message me estimated prices please. You can also take your time. I'm in no rush.
  5. The price is up the the customer, I'll move price if it's too high or too low for my liking