[Selling] Labour Bench open to offers!

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  1. Selling a Labour Bench
    Make me offers please!!!!!
  2. why doesn't anyone want this you have to offer! :p
  3. sorry worth nearly double that
  4. It is worth nearly 10k right now to be honest (not buying)
  5. I offer 10k to 12k for it.
  6. yep :p
  7. didn't see that just loaded I'll take 12k
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  8. Ok I'll pay you when I get back. Where should I pick it up?
  9. 9500 smp4 mall I'll be there in 5 mins I'm in the wild
  10. can you get on now? and do you want that axe for 5k?
  11. No I can't get on now but I will be able to tomorrow. As for the axe yes i will buy it for 5k.
  12. ok so the 2 axes 5k each and this labour bench 12k and do you want a fortune II unbreaking III axe?
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  13. Yes to all of the above.
  14. 27k please and I'll set up an access chest on smp4 9500 (if you can't get on use minechat to pay ;P)
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