[ SELLING ] Krysyyjane9191 Signature

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  1. Krysyy signature (the classic KJ signature).
    Book titled "Signature"
    Price: 100k
  2. Krysyy gave these out for free.

    Edit: She also said she didn't want us selling them.
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  3. Oh, I didn't know she said not to sell them...
  4. They are worth a lot though. I have seen them go from 50-200k
  5. I have 6 of her books so if you think they're up to 200k then I'd happily accept 1.2 mil total for them all :p I'm not sure where you got that figure from, but it's hard to price these items because nobody really sells them (I'll be keeping mine, all my staff books are special to me in a certain way)
  6. I have just asked around and many people said they are worth 50k. I have seen them in game right in front of me go for more though. One for 200k. :)