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  1. I will accept rupees only or will trade for other super rares. No other items.

    NOTE - There are only 3 that say "Krysyy" and not "Krysyyjane9191".

    NOTE - I don't have high expectations of anyone making such an offer, but should anyone want it for their collection then they can :)

    EDIT - I would consider anything 2 million or higher, or super rare trade, or ore buster trade (multiple ore busters or ore busters + rupees), 60k items as well
  2. I'll trade you a Krysyy PvP Head for your Krysyy PvP Head?
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  3. deal
  4. Misleading, there have been numerous other times she has had a PVP event for her PVP head. There are more than three.
  5. As krysyy stated on another thread, these are news ones with Krysyy instead of krysyyjane9191
    How did I manage to mess up the quote? :confused:
  6. 1r for it
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  7. Like Dufne said, there are only 3 with "Krysyy" on it instead of "Krysyyjane9191" :)
  8. Please limit bumps for any thread to 3 hours after the last post by any player.
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  9. Bump, added in what sort of offer I am looking for in the OP.
  10. I have a Krysyy Head that says "Krysyy's Head" from a long time ago. I joined about 100 days ago and I got it on my 2nd week. I am pretty sure there are a ton that say "Krysyy's Head" because I have seen those way more than krysyyjane9191.
  11. This is lored with "Killed Krysyy in PVP". There are three in existence with that exact lore and the vast majority of Krysyy heads out there have no lore at all. The only item similar to this one would be the old Krysyy PVP heads but those had lores that said "Killed krysyyjane9191 in PVP".
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  12. Oooooh, I didn't see where you said the lored part. Sorry, I thought you were just talking about regular krysyy heads lol :)
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  13. lol
  14. My offer is 500k. I realize this is not over 2million but in case you change your mind about what you'll consider I thought I'd post that.
  15. I'm pretty positive this won't be an offer unless someone doesn't know about prices.
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  16. just saying 2 mill is probably a bit too much to ask for :p
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  17. Closing Thread requested by Op.
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