[Selling] Keliris' Unneeded Promos.

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  1. Note: I say promos but some are just rare items.

    1x Headless Horseman Mask 2015 - 25k
    1x Enraged Guardian - 45k
    1x Pot of Gold - 30k
    1x Turkey Slicer(the drop version from 2014) - 60k
    1x Meteor bow - 20k
    1x Dragon Stone - 7.5k
    19x Soulbound Bread - 2.5k for it all(I don't even know)
    -Yes the colors are mainly random on the names.
    Feel free to personally message me if you want to trade for something or you disagree with some of my prices.
    If you are buying feel free to either pm me or post it in this thread either will work and first come first serve.
  2. I'll take the bread.
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  3. BumperoO!
  4. Can I see a picture of the turkey slicer?
    Never mind the picture. I thought I had a 2014 turkey slicer but it turns out I have the 2013 one. I am interested in buying said slicer please.

  5. For Cowman :)
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