[Selling] Just some stuff I don't need.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to sell stuff I don't need! So, there's a few things I don't need anymore on EMC.. and I'd like to sell it to people who might want it!

    Wanna know what the items are? :3 Well, if you really do...:

    Hunger Games Map (1)
    American Map Part 1 - (10)
    American Map Part 2 - (18)

    Shears (3)

    Shears: 1 = 5r, 2 = 10r, and 3 = 15r.
    Hunger Games Map: 1 = 1or
    American Map Part 1: 1 = 1r, 2 = 2r, and so on.
    American Map Part 2: (same as part 1)

  2. What smp are the maps on?
  3. They're on smp2, with /v 4390 sellingarea.

    There is a preview sign, but you have to pay first if you want them.