[Selling] Just about everything I own!!!

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  1. :) Good evening/day/afternoon, EMC Community. :)


    I have decided to SELL everything I own.

    1. Why are you selling instead of auctioning? Simple: Most of my stuff I don't have DCs of.

    2. Why not give it away or host a drop party? Again simple: I don't like drop parties.

    3. Are you leaving EMC? Maybe, maybe not. I really haven't decided.

    4. What do you have? Well move downwards and you'll find out :p

    !!What I am selling!!

    Promos and Rares
    4x Maxarian Heads
    2x Books of Colors
    1x Full Unused Starter Kit
    2x Getting Started Books
    1x Labor Bench
    1x Holiday Pick
    1x 2013 4th of July Independence Day Firework
    1x 2013 New Year's Empire Firework
    18x Beacons
    5x Wither Skeleton Heads


    I don't particularly care about most of this stuff so if you want something let me know and I'll tell you whether or not I'd like a price for it :)

    Horse Gear, Fish, and Spawn Eggs

    Horse Gear
    7x Gold Horse Armor
    25x Saddles

    Spawn Eggs
    225 Villager Eggs
    93 Sheep Eggs
    48 Squid Eggs
    9 Ocelot Eggs
    7 Bat Eggs (Looking for a decent price for these)
    59 Wolf Eggs


    53 Sandstone
    2839 Cracked Stonebrick
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  2. Mob Heads

    131 Zombie Heads
    112 Skeleton Heads
    57 Creeper Heads
    1 Lava Slime Head
    1 Slime Head
    1 Pigzombie Head
    1 Sheep Head
    1 Pig Head
    4 Chicken Head
    11 Cow Head
    3 Cave Spider Head
    13 Spider Head
    4 Blaze Head
  3. I will take all the dragon frags
    The holiday pick
    The turkey slicer
    The Beacons
    The labor benches x 2
    The stable voucher
    The Haunted Heads x 4
    The vault vouchers x 2

    How much?
  4. 4x ICC Birthday Vouchers
    1x Holiday Pick
    2x Vault Vouchers
    How much for that stuff?
  5. How much for Feather Fallllling boots, marlix boots, netherhound, haunted heads, and holiday pick?
  6. I have also send you a pm with an offer for quite some of these promo items in this thread.
    hope it helps! :)
  7. Please PM seperate prices for items you want this way I can compare prices and decide which one I want :)
  8. How much for a silk touch book
    and for this
    1x Unbreaking III Efficiency III Fortune II (Unused) Pick
  9. I don't see many people fighting over this, so 400r for the book and 700 for the pick?
  10. how much for all the coal?
  11. Pricing each coal at 1.5 10368?
  12. ok not quite there yet just spent all my r on books. i will check back later to see if it is still available once i have the rupees again :)
  13. Alrighty :)
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  14. I'll take whatever ores you got left. I pm'd you.
    Also take a few beacons and lucky bows.
  15. Diamonds, ICC Vouchers, Unbreaking III Books and Lapis are all sold :)
  16. Added Mob heads, blocks, horse gear, fish, and spawn eggs! Please PM any offers for the Promos/Rares section, I'm open to anything. :)
  17. Will read everyone's PMs tomorrow so don't freak out, I'm just sleeping in my Nether rack. *ba dum pssssh* :)
  18. I'll take all the mob heads if possible please. how much? :)
  19. I'll take most of the Item Frames,and most Book and Quills.
    How much?
  20. I've mailed everyone, kitten someone else asked about the MISC. Items before you so if they decline my offer I'll PM you next :)
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