SELLING! Jimmy Hendrix map

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  1. Its a map with his head/face on it! Leave an offer on this page!

    2013-02-13_14.36.59.png 2013-02-13_14.37.11.png
  2. 1k....

    Probably some mushroom biome where someone spawned a wither, but, I still want it.
  3. How.... just How....?!
  4. no thanks pig. And amused i wont tell you
  5. *cough* SuperEskimo's work *cough*
    Nup. This was made before 1.4.
  6. Actually... 20k
  7. deal.
  8. can you get on smp2
  9. I will be able to come on tomorrow at midday to pay for / collect. Is this Ok?
  10. ya sure no problem
  11. And, I Will be able to go onto smp2 to get it.
  12. Aliens.
  13. As long as this Will work in the vault, as I'm sure it should.
  14. Maps do not vault currently.
  15. There should either be a set price, or have it set up as an auction in Community Auctions. Also, these are relatively easy to get, as others sell them for 2k. Now closing thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.