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  1. I am selling 3 full sets of starter gear. This includes:
    • Helmet
    • Chest
    • Leggings
    • Boots
    • Pickaxe
    • Sword
    • Empire Assistant
    • Getting Started Book
    • Starter Horse
    Selling 1.5 DCs of cactus
    Sugarcane is now free at 3941 on smp2! Check it out! Thread coming soon!

    Mob Heads:
    • Creeper x2
    • Zombie x6
    • Slime x5
    • Blaze x3
    • Mooshroom (MushroomCow) x7

    Post your offers down below. I also am looking for a starter horse to complete my 4th set.
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  2. per set? if so, no way. I would be loosing tons of money if I accepted that deal.
  3. added iron, sugarcane and cactus
  4. added mob heads
  5. How much for the 2dc of iron ?
  6. How much for the iron?
  7. Added a ton of Enchanted Books and a DC of Acacia Logs
  8. i was thinking 14k per dc, but i am open to negotiation.
  9. 25k for both the dc's
  10. deal. Wanna meet somewhere?
  11. Is smp5 doable?
  12. bump, still tons of stuff!
  13. How much for the Acaica Logs?
  14. 7k?
  15. op edited! Sugar Cane is now free at 3941 on smp2!
  16. How much would it be for one head of each?
  17. Price per Protection IV book?

    Price per Unbreaking III book?
  18. Blaze: 400r
    LavaSlime: 600r
    Slime: 200r
    The Rest: 100r per.