[Selling] Item restocking

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  1. Hello to all the small shops or sellers that can't keep up with their supplies. I am starting up an order in bulk shop in which you tell me what you need and how much you need and I will farm it for you. My prices are lower than average but with the expectation that you will resell them at a higher price. I will only deal with shop owners though. The list can be found here as to what I sell small orders , can normally be filled within a day of the deal being struck on this thread, any order larger will be no longer than two days within the deal being struck. There is no maximum but keep in mind I am human so I might need some time to fill masive orders I will not sell through ingame chat as this could cause complications therefore you must post on this thread to make an order I will then contact you as soon as I can thank you. an I aplogize if I missread you message et
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  2. can't open your link :/ just saying
    well i can open it
    i just have no clearance to see it or something
  3. it should work now hopefully