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  1. Hello!

    I have iron... lots of iron. So... I decided to post a thread about selling it.

    How much? 11,000/dc of ingots. Flat rate. DC quantity only.

    First come first serve, will sell you as many DC quantities as you wish to purchase.

    I will update as I run out/restock.
  2. Ill buy 1 dc! Ill pay tommorrow
  3. Awesome! Just shoot me a PM when you do and I'll set up a chest for ya!
  4. Made a small shop for the iron buys. Can buy in Full DC or Half DC quantities.

    SMP5 10286
  5. hey bro I need some iron for my new shop. I will get in touch with you this weekend when I can get time to get on :)
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  6. How do you get so much iron? lol
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  7. Iron farm.
  8. Restocking the shop on SMP5. 10286

    Have it on sale there in half dc and full dc quantities.
  9. I'll make sure to visit tonight!
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  10. I'd like to buy a DC :)
  11. You can find it at 10286 on smp5!
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  12. I will buy a DC.
    ~Payments will be paid in; hopefully under 48 hours.