[Selling] Iron Supporter Vouchers

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  1. Love the way its setup! I wish I had 100k :c
  2. Bulk shops are a great way to earn money quick.
    /v +bulk on smp8 is an awesome place
    and there are tons of other bulk shops all over.
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  3. Really nicely set-up, just one question. Am I either "getting old" now and noticed how much these have gone up by or is this really overpriced? :p
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  4. Prepare your cane. This is the price auctions have determined, though I've sold them for cheaper.
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  5. pretty much the new price

    And i'm in love with the way OP looks.
  6. Lowered price (as requested by multiple people) and added more vouchers!
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  7. :p great deal tbh
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  8. No
  9. Bad xD lol
  10. whats the price so far?
  11. I believe the price is 90k per voucher and she has four left. :)
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  12. Can I get 80k please?
    You can negotiate 80k, up or down a bit :p
  13. 90k
    No, sorry. I already negotiated down to 90k since I kept getting requests, so it's staying at 90k.
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  14. Dang! Wish I could get my supportership back.
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