[Selling] Iron Supporter Vouchers 120k Each

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  1. I have iron supporter vouchers for sale, 120k each.

    12 in stock, PM me to buy.
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  2. Bump
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  3. Bump 5 left
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  4. I'll take one Haro. :) What server do you live on?
  5. Please pay and I'll mail :)
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  6. Thank you for posting this on my thread. :)
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  7. Hehe, I posted on your thread.
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  8. What i mean is i dont have the 140 or i would buy one. sorry if you took it the wrong way.
  9. Please dont post in thread unless your buying one
  10. Got one more in stock :)
  11. paid
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  12. 2 more in stock
  13. So, these give you Iron Supporter for a month?
  14. If you redeem them, yes, alternatively you can simply collect them/gift them to somebody else/sell them on even :p It's in voucher form so you do what you want with it.