[SELLING] Iron In Bulk

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  1. Selling Iron Ingots in bulk orders:

    Order Size:
    27 stacks - 12,000r - 7r per ingot - single chest
    54 stacks - 20,700r - 6r per ingot - double chest
    Large orders are negotiable for price.
    Orders smaller than 54 stacks will be 7r per ingot.

    * Iron is in the form of blocks for space and ease of transportation for the buyer.
  2. if I order 54 stacks, would it be less expensive if I picked it up?
  3. what if i only need 10 or so stacks?
  4. The price is set. I can deliver or you may pick it up.
  5. The main post has been edited for your case. 7r per ingot below 27 stacks.
  6. Bushy i'll take 54 stacks, i'm on smp5
  7. Name: SuperVal_Junior
    Order Size:I'll take 54 stacks please.
    Main Smp:SMP9
    When will you be able to deliver?
  8. Alright, New plan. I have made a chest with purchase signs at my res. 17160
  9. What If I buy 5+ DBL chests how much the ingot would cost?
  10. Iron is stocked up. 13 Single chests (6.5 Double chests) worth of ingots.
  11. Iron is stocked. 3 dc's of ingots ready for purchase.
  12. You can sell me full at /v 405. I've got room for over 54 stacks.