[Selling] Iron Enchantments

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  1. Hello all, I've got some Enchanted Iron Goodies for sale at 10615 smp5.
    I don't have a certain price in mind, so make an offer.
    I'll take rupees or trade.
    All unused.

    I've got:
    6 Sharpness III Looting II Iron Swords
    3 Sharpness III Fire Aspect I Knockback I Iron Swords
    1 Sharpness III Looting I Iron Sword
    1 Knockback I Bane of Arthropods Iron Sword
    1 Knockback I Iron Sword
    1 Sharpness I Iron Sword
    7 Bane of Arthropods III Looting II Iron Swords
    1 Unbreaking III Effiencency III Iron Pickaxe
    6 Effiencency III Fortune II Iron Pickaxes
    1 Unbreaking II Effiencency II Silk Touch I Iron Pickaxe
    1 Effiencency II Iron Pickaxe
    2 Unbreaking I Effiencency I Iron Pickaxes
    1 Effiencency I Iron Pickaxe
    3 Unbreaking II Effiencency II Iron Pickaxes
    1 Effiencency III Fortune I Iron Axe
    1 Effiecency I Iron Axe
    4 Effiencency II Fortune I Iron Axes
    2 Thorns I Projectile Protection III Iron Chestplates
    1 Protection I Iron Boot
    1 Projectile Protection I Iron Helm
  2. I forgot to add, I will periodically add Items to this list.
  3. Now selling armor!