[SELLING] iron, emerald, diamond and lapis blocks

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  1. i have alot of iron and lapis blocks i need to get rid of and i also have some emerald and diamond blocks lying around

    lapis blocks: 25r each
    iron blocks: 50r each
    emerald blocks: 180r each
    diamond blocks: 350r each

    buy these off me direct at 8200 on smp4

    i am on 6:00A.M to 7:00A.M G.M.T time and also 5:00P.M to 9:30P.M G.M.T time

    if nothing bought in a week it will turn into an auction
  2. They are a little on the expensive side...
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  3. save me All the iron blocks
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  4. iron blocks are ok and lapis..... rest is pretty expensive :p
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  5. Save me all da lapis
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  6. save me... erm nothing i guess

    You people beat me to it

    well done though
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  7. ok i am on now
  8. i have 35 lapis blocks = 875r
  9. i have 54 iron blocks = 2700r
  10. Ok cool meet u at ur res... set up a chest
  11. all the diamonds
  12. all of the emeralds and lapis blocks
  13. Can u mark me down for some emerald blocks i need a lot
  14. the epic 5 has the diamonds coffe gets the emeralds