[Selling] iron, diamond, and dragon stones!

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  1. Aloha! I've recently setup shop at 6400 (smp3) and have great deal of iron, diamond, lapis, emerald, and even dragon stones for sale!

    Dragon Stone - 7000ea
    Diamonds - 110ea
    Diamond Block - 950ea
    Iron - 5ea
    Iron Block - 44ea
    Emerald - 27ea
    Emerald Block - 234ea!
    Lapis - 14ea
    Lapis Block - 125ea


    P.S. if bulk of anything is required, PM me here. I offer bulk discounts!

    Edit: Prices updated! /v 6400 on SMP3!
  2. Bump in the night! Prices updated! Diamonds are 101 a pop!
  3. D'oh! 93,000r of diamonds just sold. Will restock tonight, or tomorrow afternoon!
  4. Diamonds back in stock! Temporary sale on Dragon Stones at 9k each if you PM me before I log for the night.

    Also, don't hesitate to ask me about bulk discounts!
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  5. 748 Diamonds and 16 blocks back in stock!

    Oh and... Now stocking Emerald Ore at 360r a pop!
  6. Due to my having a surplus of Emeralds, I'm releasing 400 emerald blocks at an EMC low price of 275 each! Get em while they last! /v 6400
  7. will you sell gold blocks before EMC moves to 1.9?? I want to make loads of notch apples! :p
  8. Unfortunately I won't. I'm keeping every bit of Gold I mine for that exact purpose haha
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  9. OK lol I will look somewhere else! :p
  10. Just added more diamonds because.... never enough diamonds.

    /v 6400
  11. can I sell you dragon stones?
  12. Entirely dependent on the price. PM me and we'll discuss that. Cheers
  13. Updated and 648 diamonds back in stock!
  14. 748 Diamonds restocked! Get em while they last!
  15. 832 Diamonds stocked, and 40 Dragonstones stocked!
  16. 1,152 Diamonds stocked! Because mmm, Diamonds!
  17. You make a decent fortune from these diamonds.
  18. I have expensive hobbies that sadly don't pay for themselves lol