[ Selling ] Insane Enchanted Book!

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  1. Please take a moment to check this pure epicness out

    7 Total Max Enchants.
    All possible Sword enchants.
    All possible Pickaxe enchants.

    If you want to buy this epic book,
    go to /v 8103 in smp4.
    Right next to the spawn is the shop for it.
    Price is 50,000

    Until next time...
    BRO OUT!
  2. Even possible to apply these books?
  3. How did you even obtain this book?
  4. hacks. lol
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  5. You juat add to item you want it on and it adds the right enchants
    Try Fishing able to obtain by fishing
    lol really :p
  6. i combined boat loads of super books to make an even more over powered ultimate super book
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  7. This is just awesome...
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  8. How many levels did you use to make just one of those?