[SELLING] Incitatus Promo Horse

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  1. Hey guys I am sell the spawn egg for Incitatus, the promo horse.
    His stats are
    He will not come with a saddle and since his stats aren't very high I will be selling him for 25 18 thousand rupees, 10k 17k cheaper than from /shop. First one to offer to buy will get it, even if theres a higher offer, so hope u the first one to want to buy it!

    If you win I will let you know where to pick it up, most likely my res, 16830 on smp8.
  2. This is really expensive… even though its 10k cheaper…

    That price was outrageous!
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  3. A horse I bought for 100r is better then that, way to expensive
  4. Ok fine 18k is lowest I go, because it is still a promo and it can be used to breed with horses to get more with high speed.
    Nows it 17k cheaper than /shop, practically half off.