[Selling] IceCreamCow Skin and Flesh

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  1. As the title pretty much says, I'm selling ICC skin and flesh.

    From Wiki:
    IcecreamCow Skin is a just for fun special item coupled with the IcecreamCow Flesh. They are both dropped by IcecreamCow upon death at special events, the first of these events being a mobarena on January 19th 2014.
    When IcecreamCow dies, multiple stacks of each item are dropped and the one to pick them up is the new owner of them. IcecreamCow will hold on to them when attending events not being run by himself such as mob arenas, and participate holding these in his inventory. Death while participating means the items are dropped.

    I'm selling them at 4k a piece. Either find me in game, comment on this thread, or private message me on the forums to buy it.