[selling IcecreamCow Head

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  1. Hey Im selling 1 IcecreamCow Head For 110k
    Please Dont Complain About The Price
    I may be Willing To Nogotiate If interested PM me
    Or Post on this Thread
    ScreenShot Comming soon in A post
  2. ..I'll buy it for 30k
  3. I bought min for 30k. IcC has ruined the economy just like Aikar but with his head. They used to be worth like 300k
  4. We have made a deal. thanks hall :)
  5. 130k is too high,the low should be lower due to the head drop ICC has had (More Heads = Not Rare = Lower Price)
  6. There was a misunder standing with this they asked me to meet them somewehere so i said ok as they said what they would trade.
  7. ICC Head NOW sold
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