[SELLING] IcecreamCow Birthday Vouchers!

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  1. I'm selling ICC birthday vouchers, they were given out on his birthday a while back to people who won his cake parkour. There's a booth right by spawn at SMP1 1148 selling them; 10k each :)

    Current stock - 3
  2. Bump! 3 left :)
  3. What do these even do?
  4. They look pretty :3

    Just another rare by ICC, much like the valentine rose.
  5. So its just a piece of paper from something you didnt do to get?
    Is it even colored letters?
  6. Wow, harsh

    If you don't want one, then go away.
  7. It is orange & bold tooltip that says "ICC birthday voucher"

    I appreciate that if you have 0 interest that you wouldn't be rude to it so somebody who likes it can buy it..