[SELLING] ICC Skin and Flesh

Discussion in 'Selling' started by GreninjaFroakie, Feb 13, 2024.

  1. Selling ICC Skin and Flesh at /v +aquarium on Utopia! Currently priced at 18k a piece (according to the Promo Thread) OR feel free to make me an offer!

    I have quite a bit, so shoot me a message if interested! In game or PMs. :)
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  2. why do u have so muchts
  3. "someone" on smp1 has tons of it still available for 18k each... idk why promo price thread has it at 35k
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  4. Simple, based on last auctions. That is why we always ask for input on the price thread as well, as its difficult to locate every shop out there and know what they all still sell. :)
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  5. ah yeah true my bad... I'll reply to the thread now