[ SELLING ] ICC head + Incitatus

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  1. I am looking to sell my ICC head and my Incantus for 100k :D I have no statistics of the price of ICC's head but I'm sure you know by past threads. The Incitatus is worth 35k at /shop so I think 100k for both is a reasonable price.

    Please comment on price and what you think, as well as if you are interested :)

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  2. I really wanna buy but Iknow for sure that more ICC heads will come out grr :s
  3. If Incantus is supposed to say Incitatious, the new 1.6 Emc items can't be auctioned or sold yet, ICC and Aikar said so.
  4. They cant be auctioned, they can be sold tho
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  5. They can definitely be sold, just not auctioned, and this is not an auction :p In fact, deathconn bought this Incitatus off of someone, and lots of people buy and sell them.
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  6. Yea...Can I have a moderator edit the title to "Incitatus" please...
  7. 100r my final offer
  8. I might buy just the ICC head.. PM me if you are interested in selling that.
  9. I would like to buy them both for 80k.
  10. ...
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  11. I'll buy for 100k.

    *cough* totally didn't sell my ICC head for 400k *cough*
  12. This guy, first the Skyrim dragon thing, now this...
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  13. I am really sorry but I have sold the head already.

    Sorry for not updating the thread :(
  14. Ok, it's fine :p